Start Happy Life

Using Completing Past Method

Today had a session with a client who almost always feels physically unwell. It was our 2nd session- turned out this person was sexually abused by a close family member at the preschool age. The belief that came out and still was running the subconscious actively was: “There is something wrong with me” that was linked to the main issue. Bam! We found the root of the “not feeling well” situation. The mechanism was triggered every time by not being able to say “no”. And how many times a day people normally want to say “no”?

Using Completing Past method we were able to remove not only the negative feelings out of the memory but also integrate resources needed back then to rewrite the past. The future always follows. and this time it will be bright! This person couldn’t stop laughing after we finished, feeling so light and at ease- all that tension finally was released and put to rest.

Sexual abuse is a scary thing- I experienced it myself at the age of 18 and it can be deeply traumatizing even for an adult what to say about little kids- they don’t know why they deserved this and try to find the reason in themselves which disturbs them for decades. Most of the times they can’t have a normal loving relationship- body has it’s own memory, installed shame and fear that prevents them from feeling safe with a partner.

As usual when I do such work I give a gratitude prayer that I have this skill and ability to change someone’s life completely! So so grateful!

Please share this post if you think there are people in your surrounding that were abused- living in shame, hiding the “dark past” they have no guilt in and yet- it hunts them. Let them know -they can end this suffering for themselves once and for all. If I can’t help them I will refer them to someone in their area, who practices these powerful hypnosis techniques.

Be well and happy,
Liana Khutsurauli Cms-CHt