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About SHL

SHL Coaching and Hypnosis was founded by Liana Khutsurauli, a Clinical Support Hypnosis Practitioner / Strategic Coach / Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy.

LianaBWLiana was born in Ukraine and raised in Russia. She early became financially successful in commercial real estate -by the age of 21 she has already made her first million of dollars, second by the age of 23.  Liana then felt a calling to do filmmaking and moved to Los Angeles, however her schoolmates started casting her as an actress for their projects and Liana discovered her passion for acting, since she was always fond of studying psychology and human emotions.  This new level of self-awareness directed her into the field of personal development. Liana got featured in multiple feature films, did stand up comedy, produced a movie, been in several national commercials and coached actors before decided to move on into the field of helping people to improve their lives as a strategic coach.

After Liana studied guided visualization, meditation techniques and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), she then joined Platinum Partnership with Tony Robbins and traveled all over the world for his events, networking with the top personal development people and watching Mr. Robbins working with people live. Liana studied strategic intervention with Robbins-Madanes training. (Cloe Madanes is one of the top 30 of the most respected therapist in the world).

Then Liana got inspired  to find a tool that would help her to create even faster but also lasting positive change in people’s lives and after doing her research on the world’s best schools for hypnosis, she discovered Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

Liana then successfully graduated and currently has a practice in New York City where she does seminars and workshops and also works with people in sessions one on one, achieving outstanding results. Liana is planning on opening a coaching-hypnosis school in the future. She does public speaking as well – she is passionate to educate people about what hypnosis (state of trance) truly is - not a spooky mind control as suggested by Hollywood and Vegas shows but a powerful tool able to reset and redirect a person’s life.

SylvainLiana’s colleague and business partner Sylvain Coulon, Clinical Support Hypnosis Practitioner / Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy.

Liana and Sylvain met while studying at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, they fast became friends seeing bright skills of each other and compassion for people, soon they were able to fulfill their dream to work together in NYC.

Before settling down in New York Sylvain had been travelling the world, driven by his natural curiosity, learning about different people and cultures. He lived in Antarctica for a year, 4 years in Dubai, 3 years in Africa. After living in 8 different countries and visiting all continents, Sylvain Coulon decided to find a way to help people and chose hypnotherapy as an effective tool for that. He gives back by supporting people in overcoming their irrational fears, unwanted habits or limiting beliefs that stop them from pursuing their purpose, from feeling fulfilled.

Sylvain speaks about hypnosis at symposiums and conferences, including Harvard.  He has been invited to multiple radio stations to share his expertise. Sylvain believes that teaching people to use their subconscious mind effectively makes the world a better place.  Together with Liana they keep working of bringing awareness of hypnotherapy and successfully change peoples’ lives every day.