Start Happy Life


Strategic Coaching

Are you familiar with a situation when you know the desirable destination but you have no idea how to get there? What to start from? Or even worse - you know that you don’t enjoy your life but you don’t know what would be a better choice?

This can be very frustrating.

Take what is hidden and make it obvious. See things clearly.

Strategic coaching will allow you to bring that scary, dark, unknown cloud closer, look into it and see that it is all just drops of condensed water and poor lighting.

Doesn’t matter how big or intense is the problem - SHL Coaching utilizes effective techniques that allow you to chunk down and overcome even very challenging situations.  We specialize in reconstructing life situations.  We think “outside the box," strategize, and activate resourcefulness, which are the keys to resolving any issue. We educate our clients on how to use NLP, human needs psychology and influential non-violent communication in order to gain their desired outcome.

We build clear, step by step, structured, attainable, measurable and specific goals and then assist our clients in achieving them.

You can take a breath now because you are in good hands.